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If I need to add a bit of extra protein into my diet, I’ve found that Fulfil bar are a good and tasty choice, and they’re also Irish!

Each 55 gram bar has 20 grams of protein in it, but less than 3 grams of sugar. So they’re a handy and healthy way to add protein into my diet, and for less than 200 calories per bar.

They’re very filling, and I often find that I can’t finish a whole bar in one go.

There’s a range of different flavours, and some of them I’m more keen on than others – but the Peanut & Caramel, Chocolate Orange, and Hazelnut Whip flavours I find are really nice.

They’re also not cheap. In the supermarket they’re about €2.50 to buy individually – but if you’re a real fan you can buy them in bulk online, and a box of 15 costs around €30.00 (that’s €2.00 each).

I mentioned that I was eating them to my bariatric dietician when I saw her for my 3-month appointment, and she seemed very happy with them.

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I’ve tried a couple of different protein drinks and didn’t really like them because they have a milky taste or texture. So I was curious if I could find a drink that’s high in protein that doesn’t taste of dairy. And I found reference to something called “clear protein”.

The clear protein products use something called hydrolysed clear whey isolate which can be made into a clear fresh-tasting fruit flavoured drink (a bit like fruit squash) rather than a milky protein shake.

There aren’t loads of options about where to find these products, but I did find somes sold by a website called – although don’t be fooled by the Irish domain name, because this is a UK company. However they do have free shipping to Ireland for orders over 50 euros.

Their product is called Clear Whey Isolate and the drink looks like this:

Img 20200906 100007
Cranberry & Raspberry Clear Whey Isolate Drink

When you make it up, it looks and tastes just like a fruit juice. There’s not a hint of a milky taste. And best of all, it’s sugar free at around 90 calories a drink, but with 20 grams of protein. It also seems to have hundreds of 5-star reviews from people that have tried it.

I bought myself 2 different flavours from the selection of 11 options. I tried both of them – the Cranberry & Raspberry, and the Bitter Lemon – and I love them both.

The prices aren’t exactly cheap. It’s €27.49 for a tub that makes 20 drinks. So that’s €1.38 per drink.

There’s also a vegan version of the product that’s made from pea protein and only has 10 grams of protein per drink, and it’s more expensive – but this might be a good option for vegans and those that have a bad reaction to dairy.

This is NOT a sponsored post. There are no affiliate links, and no free products or payment was received. I’m just sharing something I enjoyed.

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