I visited my dietician today

Last updated on Wed, 14th Sep 2022

I had an appointment this morning with my bariatric dietician. It was part of my follow-up plan for the 3 month point after surgery.

Weight loss progress

My first action was to jump on the scales, and they reflected what I already knew that I’ve lost around 25 kg since surgery. That puts my at around a 15% body weight loss, which apparently is what they would expect at this point.

Food and diet

We talked about a variety of things, including my current diet, what supplements I was taking, and if I had experienced any side-effects since surgery such as bloating, reflux or dumping syndrome.

She asked me to describe a typical day and what I ate for each meal – including snacks. Her main goal in that was to assess whether I was getting enough protein in my diet – and also to check I was eating a reasonable amount of fruit and vegetables.

I mentioned that I was eating protein bars – in particular Fulfil bars – and she seemed happy about that, as they contribute 20g of protein and are low sugar.

I do need to eat more fruit and veg, so that can be a goal for me.


We also touched upon exercise, and the dietician suggested that I look at introducing some resistance or strength improving exercises.

I already walk the dogs every day and cycle a couple of time a week, but they are both cardio exercises. I should also be doing strength training, to help guard against muscle loss as I lose weight, and to also help speed up my metabolism.

She did say that I shouldn’t just launch into using weights if I haven’t done it before, as I could injure myself. So instead she said to get an assessment done by a physio or specialist trainer, and get them to put together a proper tailored strength training program for me.

Next visit

I’m due to back to see the dietician around about the 6 months mark – so that’ll be the end of February. I’ll get my bloods done again in advance of that, and they will also check again on my weight loss progress.

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