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I met with my bariatric dietician today to check how I’m doing. And thankfully it was mostly good news.

My blood tests came back fine, and my diet is good. I’m eating enough protein, and getting enough vitamins and minerals. I’m also pretty much on track with my weight loss.

Since surgery I’ve lost nearly 37 kg (nearly 6 stone), which amounts to about a 22% loss overall. The bariatric team expect people who have had a gastric bypass to lose 25-30% of they body weight overall, so I’ll hopefully continue to lose some more over the coming months.

My weight loss has definitely slowed down recently, and some weeks I’ve even gaining weight, but the overall direction is still down!

Building muscle

We talked about the amount of exercise I’m doing – which is mainly restricted to walking and cycling – and it was suggested that I try to incorporate some resistance and weight training to help build muscle.

My hospital has a partnership with a company called Medfit, who offer personalised physio-led exercise programmes. I think it would be good for me to go to a specialist physio, as I’ve had some bad advice in the past from personal trainers in the gym which have led to me injuring myself.

Hopefully if I can start building some muscle – particularly in my upper body – then it will help boost my metabolism and maybe even help tone up some of my loosening skin!

Regular bowel movements

We also talked about my bowel movements. At the moment I’m having one about every other day, or maybe 3 times a week, and apparently it should be a bit more regular.

I already have a reasonable amount of fibre in my diet, but we’re going to try incorporating some linseed, which apparently will help move things along!

Diet Surgery

I had an appointment this morning with my bariatric dietician. It was part of my follow-up plan for the 3 month point after surgery.

Weight loss progress

My first action was to jump on the scales, and they reflected what I already knew that I’ve lost around 25 kg since surgery. That puts my at around a 15% body weight loss, which apparently is what they would expect at this point.

Food and diet

We talked about a variety of things, including my current diet, what supplements I was taking, and if I had experienced any side-effects since surgery such as bloating, reflux or dumping syndrome.

She asked me to describe a typical day and what I ate for each meal – including snacks. Her main goal in that was to assess whether I was getting enough protein in my diet – and also to check I was eating a reasonable amount of fruit and vegetables.

I mentioned that I was eating protein bars – in particular Fulfil bars – and she seemed happy about that, as they contribute 20g of protein and are low sugar.

I do need to eat more fruit and veg, so that can be a goal for me.


We also touched upon exercise, and the dietician suggested that I look at introducing some resistance or strength improving exercises.

I already walk the dogs every day and cycle a couple of time a week, but they are both cardio exercises. I should also be doing strength training, to help guard against muscle loss as I lose weight, and to also help speed up my metabolism.

She did say that I shouldn’t just launch into using weights if I haven’t done it before, as I could injure myself. So instead she said to get an assessment done by a physio or specialist trainer, and get them to put together a proper tailored strength training program for me.

Next visit

I’m due to back to see the dietician around about the 6 months mark – so that’ll be the end of February. I’ll get my bloods done again in advance of that, and they will also check again on my weight loss progress.

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