Here’s an overview of my progress so far:

Starting Weight27th July 2020174.8 kg27 st 7 lbs49.5
Weight on Day of Surgery27th August 2020163.7 kg25 st 11 lbs46.3
Current Weight27th March 2022126.6 kg19 st 13 lbs35.8

In the 82 weeks since surgery I have lost 37.2 kg in weight (5 st 12 lbs).

Progress to my goal

My weight loss goal is get down to 103.5 kg (16 st 4 lbs), which would be a loss of 60.2 kg since my surgery.

Why this goal? It would give me a BMI of around 29, which would still make me overweight, but out of the obese range. This amount of weight loss is consistent with expectations from bariatric specialists, that gastric bypass patients on average lose around 70% percent of their excess body weight.

I am now 61.8% towards my goal