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Just as we can be sure that every Slimming World group in the county will be bursting at the seams with new members in January, we can also see a downturn in interest at this time of year on the run up to Christmas.

Using the Google Trends site we can plot over time when people do searches for the term “Slimming World”, and as you can see, over the last 3 months it’s being going down:

Google Trends – 3 months from 10th Sep to 10th Dec 2018

I suppose with the Christmas and New Year party season upon us there are some people putting their weight-loss plans on hold for the time being, which is why there are fewer searches for Slimming World.

I wonder if the graph correlates to weekly attendance figures in groups. I bet it does!

Slimming World

I thought I’d share with you the tracking spreadsheet I created for monitoring my weight loss.

This spreadsheet was created using Microsoft Excel 2010, so it should work with that version or more recent versions. I haven’t tested it with Excel 2007.

Recording Weigh-ins

The chart allows you to record your weekly weigh-ins in order to track progress. You enter data into the cells that have a white background, and all the values with a coloured background are calculated.

Each week enter:

  • Date – the day of the week and the number of weeks is then automatically calculated
  • Weight in stones and pounds – the equivalent in pounds and kilos is automatically calculated. If the date is also in the past then the recording is marked as ‘Real’ – to distinguish from any projected losses you might enter
  • Optionally record any target/award or countdown information that might apply.

The first line is your starting weight, so make sure that’s entered correctly.

The spreadsheet will calculate your weekly loss (the difference in weight from the previous line) and total loss to date (in both pounds and stones/pounds). It’ll also tell monitor your progress against a weekly loss goal (e.g. 2 lbs a week), and your current BMI value.

The chart

Above the chart you can enter your weekly weight loss goal – how much you’d like to lose per week. That’s used to plot a goal line on the chart – the blue line. Your actual weight loss is the red line.

Your Target is your PAT, and is shown as the purple line.

Your Club 10 value is automatically calculated and is shown as the cyan line

The height value needs to be set correctly (in metres) to calculate your BMI value.

The chart automatically updates whenever you enter new weight information.

UPDATE: In response to a number of requests I’ve updated the Excel to remove the protection, so anyone should be able to download the latest version and edit/amend/extend it to their heart’s content. Enjoy!

Slimming World Tools

The heavens opened today, after quite a long (mostly) dry spell here in Dublin, and it hasn’t stopped raining all day!

The dog still needed walking however, so I reluctantly donned my waterproofs and found an umbrella, and manfully set out into the cold and wet. We managed a complete circuit of the local park, which meant that I reached my daily target of 60 minutes of walking on my Fitbit.

These Fitbit fitness trackers are really good for people like me who relish in statistics! I can count the number of steps, the kilometres walked, the calories burnt, the number of stairs I’ve climbed, and check my heart rate throughout the day!

I love the fact that I can see my fitness activity over time, and see the distances I cover.

Here’s the stats for the last 9 months:

[table id=2 /]

I like the fact that over the course of less than a year I’ve gone from walking on average 4.5km a day to 9km – doubling my distance. That’s got to be good for my health, and would probably earn me a few Body Magic stickers if I could be bothered to claim them!

Slimming World Walking