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Losing weight with Slimming World can feel great, but it also has a down side!

Here are the top 8 problems faced by people who lose weight:

  1. All your clothes are too big for you. As you lose weight and get a bit smaller, all your clothes will start to look a bit baggy on you, and you may even have trouble keeping your trousers up! Being smaller means that you need to invest in a new wardrobe, which can be expensive. Your only saving grace are those clothes that have lurked in the back of your wardrobe for the last 10 years that were previously too small for you. Let’s hope they’re still in fashion, because as a thinner person, you might feel a new compulsion to think less about what clothes will fit around you, and more about what clothes show off your amazing body.
  2. People keep saying you look great. It’s nice when people start complimenting you about how great you look, but after a while it can be get quite tiresome. You’ll end up screaming inside “Does nobody have anything else to talk about, except for how amazing I look?”, and wishing that you didn’t keep having to have the same conversation with everyone.
  3. You have a new lease of life. As you lose weight, you might notice that you want to get out of the house more and do more things. But this new lease of life can a lot of time and be expensive. As you socialise more and get involved in new activities, you’ll notice that you don’t have enough money left to buy all that junk food you used to eat, or indeed have the time to eat it!
  4. You may feel compelled to exercise more. Losing weight can often mean that you feel healthier, and want to exercise more. You might start with a gentle walk, a swim or a cycle, but before you know it you’re contemplating joining a running group. Exercise is great, but it can be addictive, so be careful!
  5. You might attract unwanted attention. As you get thinner, you may find that you become more attractive to other people, and they might start flirting with you or asking you out on dates. If you’re not looking for love then fending off this unwanted attention can become exhausting.
  6. You might turn into a health nut. There is a real danger that you can become obsessed with weight loss and healthy living, and become the boring one who keeps talking about Food Optimising and Body Magic to your family and friends.
  7. People will be jealous of you. As you lose weight, it’s possible you might experience some signs of jealousy from people you know. They may not say it to your face, but some people may be resentful of how well you’re doing, and may start to treat you differently.
  8. You might reach target weight. When Slimming World has been such a big part of your life for the last few months or years, it can be scary as you approach your target weight and contemplate life without losing any more weight. Luckily when you become a target member, you can still come along to class, be supported in maintaining your weight, and – even better – it’s free!

Hope this has been of some help. If you know of any other weight loss problems, feel free to contribute them in the comments below!

My Story Slimming World

The week comes around quickly, and before I know it I’m faced with the prospect of another weigh-in.

The scales at home show that I’ve lost a couple of pounds, but the scales in class – which seem to be possessed by a very mean-spirited devil – always seem to show a different weight, and mostly not in my favour!

I can’t stand the thought of that warm but pitiable smile from the person operating the scales, when they tell me in hushed tones that (yet again) I’ve maintained or even put on a few pounds. I can’t stand the thought of the consultant joyously announcing to the class my TOTAL weight loss – which, as everyone knows, is code for “he’s been pigging out again”!

So, to make sure I definitely get a loss – any loss – in class, I put myself through a punishing series of trials, to shave off a few ounces from my body before going to class:

  • I will always have a pee and a poo before class. I don’t want anything from this morning’s breakfast to be still in my system!
  • I will stop drinking at lunchtime, because any liquids after that will not clear my system before the class. The up-shot of this is that I’m nearly faint with dehydration by the time I step on the scales, but at least I can look forward to a lovely cup of tea (in a disposable cardboard cup) afterwards.
  • I will assess the weight of my clothes, and discard any heavy ones. The consultant is very much against people stripping off completely for their weigh-in – she thinks it will traumatise people and put off new joiners from staying. So, on the basis that I need to wear something, I need the clothes to be light. Last week at home I weighed myself twice – once with my shirt on, and once without – and I was a whole pound lighter without the shirt. I must have really heavy clothes!
  • I will empty my pockets of keys, wallet, mobile phone, loose change, old bus tickets, pocket lint, and anything else that’s in there. I’ll also divest myself of a belt – as long as my trousers fit well enough not to fall down during class.
  • I will walk or cycle to class, because it’s never too late to fit in a bit of body magic. And of course, I can sweat a bit more fluid out of me!
  • And lastly, I will kick off my shoes. But then again everyone does that!

Of course, I fully realise that if I did all this every week, not only would it cease to have any benefit, but it would be really bad for me. I’m sure deliberately dehydrating myself is not something that would be encouraged,

So at the end of the day, I would need to lose some actual weight from my body to see a loss on the scales. And that, I guess, involves following the bloody plan.

My Story Slimming World