I seem to have become obsessed with protein

Last updated on Wed, 14th Sep 2022

Whenever I’m planning any meal, it seems that my first thought is how much protein it contains. It’s become a bit of an obsession for me.

I’m conscious that I should by trying to have 60-80 grams of protein a day. And with small meal portions that’s actually quite difficult to achieve.

The bowl of porridge for breakfast, made with protein milk and added powdered skimmed milk, only gives my 19 gram of protein. The reduced fat paté and crackers at lunch only gives me 10 grams. Then a dinner of lasagne and salad gives me another 18 grams. And I end the day only having 47 grams, and I’m short of my 60-80 gram target.

I can help increase my protein intake by having snacks between meals, but if I do that then I can’t eat as much in my main meals. Or I could have protein drinks, but I’m not a fan of milky drinks.

So I’ve bought myself some protein bars, which are small enough not to fill me up, but will also give me 15 grams of protein each. And just maybe it’s enough to stop me obsessing about the amount of protein in each meal!

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