Six months since my weight loss surgery

Last updated on Wed, 14th Sep 2022

It’s exactly 26 weeks (or six months) today since I had my gastric bypass. And my progress so far has been fantastic!

I’ve lost nearly 37 kg (nearly 6 stones) in weight, and have dropped a couple of clothing sizes – from 4XL to 2XL. But I suppose the most important thing for me is that my health has improved.

New found love of execise

The pain I used to feel when moving around or exercising has all but gone. In fact, I now actively seek out opportunities to exercise, sometimes even twice a day. I love the goal of trying to get at least 30 active zone minutes every day on my Fitbit.

My only problem now is that my body is so used to me walking that my heart rate doesn’t get high enough – even when I walk as fast as I can – to get the active zone minutes. So I have to actively seek out steps or hills to climb – or switch to cycling – to get the heart rate up!

I never thought I’d be so keen to exercise!

I’m even contemplating joining a gym once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and they re-open. I think I need to do something to exercise and tone my upper body. Perhaps maybe do some weights or resistance training and build up a bit of muscle.

Food addicition tamed

One important thing that the surgery has done is to place a blocker in front of my urges to binge eat. The smaller stomach pouch means that I physically can’t eat mountains of food.

In fact, we ordered in a takeaway last night, and I was full before we’d even finished the shared starter! I could only manage a bite of my main course before I had to stop eating. That’s great, because it forces me to moderate my eating. It makes me stop, whereas before I would have continued eating and eating.

The surgery has helped break my obsession with eating. I don’t get the same cravings for food. I still enjoy eating, but I don’t feel the compulsion to overeat or to seek out fatty or sugery foods! And I don’t think about food half as much as I used to in the past.

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  1. Kate said:

    Congratulations! It’s great to hear how well it’s going! Very, very proud of you!! 😍

    Thu, 25th Feb 2021

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