Irish people seeking cheaper weight loss surgery abroad

Last updated on Wed, 14th Sep 2022

One of the things I’ve learned from reading the Facebook groups is that there’s a lot of Irish people going abroad to get bariatric surgery.

The waiting list for getting weight loss surgery on the public health system is often years, and for those that don’t have private health insurance and are willing to self-pay, then the cheaper surgical prices abroad can seem tempting.

If you have private health insurance in Ireland, and you meet the requirements such as having a BMI over 40, then you will most likely be covered for surgery. However if you don’t have insurance, or you don’t meet the requirements, then the standard cost of around €15,000 in the Irish private hospitals for a gastric bypass can prompt people to look for cheaper options.

Some of the prices quoted for gastric sleeves and bypasses are in the range:

  • Turkey – €2,975 to €3,400
  • Lithuania – €5,500
  • Latvia – €5,370
  • Czech Republic – €4,500
  • Belgium – €4,300
  • Poland – €6,000

All of those prices are significantly cheaper than Ireland – even when you add the cost of flights on top!

Dr Bodnar in Letterkenny

Another option closer to home is a Dr Bodnar who operates out of Letterkenny General Hospital. He is reported to perform gastric sleeves for around €6,000 and gastric bypasses for €7,500.

That might be an option for people who worry about travelling abroad.


  1. Maria Carroll said:

    Hi I am looking to get weight loss surgery done gastric bypass or gastric sleeve could I get a price on the costs. I was thinking about travelling abroad as it is much lower cost but I would rather get it in my own country if that is possible so can I get a price and information please

    Thu, 18th Nov 2021
    • Julie said:

      Does anyone know how to get in touch with dr bodnar as im finding it quite difficult .
      Many thanks

      Sun, 25th Sep 2022

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