Syns in Beer

Last updated on Fri, 21st Oct 2022

I enjoy a nice pint or two every now and again, and as such I’ve compiled a list of syn values for different ales, beers and lagers:

Beer by strength

Under 3.5%1 pint8
3.5 to 4%1 pint 9.5
4 to 6%1 pint 11.5
6% and over1 pint 18.5

Beer by brand

Amstel330ml bottle4
Boddingtons440ml can6.5
Budweiser330ml bottle7.5
Budweiser Light330ml bottle6
Bulmers CiderPint 12.5
Carling500ml can8.5
Carling C2330ml bottle4
Carling Zest330ml bottle5
Carlsberg440ml can7
Carlsberg Export440ml can9
Carlsberg Special Brew440ml can16.5
Cobra King375ml bottle11.5
Coors Light330ml bottle5.5
Corona Extra330ml bottle7
Corona Light330ml bottle4
Deuchars IPA500ml can8.5
Fosters500ml can 7.5
Greene King IPAPint 11
Grolsch440ml can9.5
Heineken330ml bottle7
Hens Tooth 500ml bottle14.5
Hufi (Gluten Free)500ml can7
Kobbarberg Light Cider500ml can8.5
Kronenbourg 1664Pint10
Lech 500ml can10.5
Magners CiderPint12.5
Old Speckled Hen500ml bottle11.5
Pear CiderPint14
Peroni330ml bottle6
Ruddles County500ml bottle11.5
San Miguel330ml bottle8
Sol330ml bottle7.5
Stella Artois440ml can9
Stones Bitter440ml can7.5
Tiger330ml bottle5.5

Recommended drink

At the moment I’m drinking the Hüfi gluten free beer, which is only 140 calories (or 7 syns) for a 500ml can, which seems like a good syn-to-beer ratio! It tastes a lot better than a lot of the ‘lite’ beers that are low-syn.

Hufi Gluten Free Beer – 7 syns per can

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