Forgive me consultant for I have sinned

Last updated on Fri, 21st Oct 2022

It can be really tempting to treat your time to talk in class as a confession.

Forgive me consultant, for I have sinned. It’s been a week since my last weigh-in, and these are my syns. I went out on Saturday. I got drunk and had a kebab on the way home. Then there was this family lunch on Sunday. And I only really got back on-plan on Tuesday.

Over the course of the Image Therapy session there will be a number of people who want to say their confession. They may not say it in quite those words, but they do feel the need to unburden themselves of the guilt of how ‘bad’ they’ve been in the last week.

What with all the drink and chocolate, it’s a wonder I only put up two pounds!

But that’s the great thing about Slimming World. It does allow you to draw a line under your past activity, and let you move on with a fresh slate – a bit like when you confess and get absolution from a priest. The Slimming World ethos allows you to go off the rails, and still be able to come back to group and ask for help without feeling guilty. It allows people to reach out to each other without judgement on past events.

I’m not convinced that it’s absolutely necessary to lay out all your sins/syns to the whole group, because if everyone did that we’d be there all night. But it’s great that people can say they have had a bad week, and ask for help on getting themselves back on track.

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