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It’s exactly five months today since I had my gastric bypass surgery, and my progress so far is that I’m down 33 kg (5 st 3 lbs / 73 lbs) from my weight on the day of surgery.

I’m really pleased with the weight loss, and I can definitely tell the difference. I feel a lot healthier than I was, and I am more able to do things than before. In fact I now seek out opportunities to exercise, which is something I would have always avoided in the past!

I’ve also dropped one or two clothing sizes, and I’m able to finally wear some of the clothes that have been languishing in my wardrobe for years waiting for me to lose weight.

In the first 3-4 months the weight fell off me quite quickly, although in the last few weeks that rate of loss has definitely slowed down. I suppose the Christmas and New Year period didn’t help, because I went a bit mad in terms of they type and quantity of food I was eating.

But, you know what? As long as my weight continues to go down – even by a small amount – then I’ll still be happy!

Ways to boost my progress

In the last couple of weeks I’ve managed to re-focus myself on my weight loss. For one thing, I’m now back to tracking everything I eat in the MyFitnessPal app. It’s a bit tedious having to enter everything, and work out quantities and portion sizes, but it helps me eat more consciously and make better decisions about what I do or do not eat.

I’m also trying to push myself more when doing out for my daily walk with the dogs. I want to get my heart rate up so that my Fitbit will give me lots of Active Zone Minutes. I have to walk fast enough so that I’m a bit out of breath to get my heart rate up enough – so I make sure to include a few steep inclines and sets of steps to get the heart pumping.

Surgery Weight

When losing weight after surgery, it’s easy to become obsessed with the numbers showing on the scales. However sometimes we need to take time to celebrate and enjoy the effects of weight loss that don’t show on the scales.

These Non-Scale Victories (or NSVs) can’t often be measured and we might not even realise they’ve happened, but are vitally important improvements to our physical and mental health.

Here’s a list of 30 different non-scale victories that may apply to you:

  1. Clothes fitting better or feeling looser
  2. Fitting into clothes that were too small
  3. Having more choice in buying new clothes
  4. Jewelry fits better
  5. Better sleep
  6. More energy
  7. Improved attention and memory
  8. More physically able
  9. Better able to play with children
  10. Easier to exercise
  11. Feel healthier
  12. Feel stronger
  13. Clearer skin
  14. Reduced pain and stiffness
  15. Reduced need for mediation
  16. Improved weight related health conditions
  17. Recover from illness more easily
  18. Increased libido
  19. Increased compliments and attention from others
  20. More confidence
  21. Improved mental health
  22. Feel happier
  23. More outgoing
  24. More optimistic
  25. Less anxious or stressed
  26. Healthier relationship with food
  27. Reduced binging
  28. No longer use food for comfort / reward / punishment
  29. Fewer cravings
  30. Spending less money on food

Can you think of any more to add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

Surgery Weight