Goodbye to 2020

As I reflect on the past year, it’s with mixed feelings.

For many people it’s been a horrible desperate year. The COVID-19 virus has impacted everyone, through sickness, loss of a livelihood, or impacts on physical or mental health. Many have lost loved ones and haven’t even been able to attend their funeral. Many saw their work for the whole year disappear overnight. Others have stuggled with anxiety, stress, and depression about the uncertain future.

I suppose I’ve been luckier than most. I’ve not been sick with COVID-19, and thankfully all my family are safe and well. I’ve managed to keep working and earning throughout the year, albeit from home. And although I have suffered from anxiety and sleep problems, it has been managed successfully with medication and the support of my GP.

I also feed incredibly lucky to have had my bariatric surgery this year.

The surgery was originally planned for March, but was posponed when the HSE took over the running of the private hospitals during the first wave of infections. Luckily the COVID infection rates dropped, and private hospitals were able to resume performing their elective procedures.

My gastric bypass finally took place in late August, and since then I’ve been getting used to life with my smaller stomach.

In a way it’s actually been easier to deal with everything that came after surgery during the COVID lockdown. Because I’ve been working from home and there’s been no social occasions out in restaurants, I’ve eaten almost all my meals this year at home. I’ve been able to control my portions, eat healthily foods, and track all the macro-ingredients to ensure I’ve been getting enough protein and nutrients in my diet.

I haven’t had to scan through menus desperately looking for a healthy option. I haven’t had to field questions about why I’m eating so slowly or why I haven’t finished all the food on the plate. I’ve been able to get used to the new way of eating at home, in a safe and supportive environment.

I’m also lucky and extremely grateful that extended family and friends have been so positive in their support of my weight loss surgery over the last year.

I’ve ended the year a lot lighter and healthier than how I began it, and that’s the major positive outcome for me of the year 2020!

And of course I plan to continue losing weight and focusing on my health throughout the coming year in 2021.


  1. Your Mrs. said:

    So proud! x

    Sat, 2nd Jan 2021
  2. Kate said:

    I agree with your Mrs! So proud!! X

    Sun, 3rd Jan 2021

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