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Last updated on Wed, 14th Sep 2022

Since the clocks changed last weekend, I’m really starting to feel the shorter days. It used to be that it was light for an hour or more after I finished work, but this week the sun has already begun to set before I finish.

It’s tempting to be less active when it’s dark and cold, but I feel that I need to fight the temptation to skip my daily walk.

The best option would be to switch my daily walk from after work to lunchtime. That way I get to see daylight, and I can go to the park. However it’s sometimes not easy to find the time during the day to take a decent break – particularly when I have back-to-back meetings – so that might not work every day.

If I can only get out in the evenings, I need to commit to myself to do it every day. After all I have two dogs are are always keen for a walk, so I have no excuses. And even though it’s not safe to go to the park after dark, there are plenty of well-lit walking routes in surrounding streets.

I know it will be good for me to keep active over the winter months. Not just for my weight loss, but also for my mental health. I find walking a very mindful activity. I often spend the time mulling over work or personal problems.

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  1. Kate said:

    Lighter mornings ? Maybe taking the boys out before you start work will make you feel better during the day too? I know how you used to enjoy your walks – good for you and the doggins! X

    Sat, 31st Oct 2020

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