I had my 6 week follow-up with my surgeon

It’s six weeks since my gastric bypass surgery, and I was back in hospital today as an out-patient to have a follow-up consultation with my surgeon.

I was delighted to report that I had lost nearly 14 kg since surgery – just over 2 stones. The surgeon said that at the 6-week mark they would ideally be looking for about an 8% loss in weight, and I was more or less bang on target.

We talked about the medications and supplements I was on, and about the fact that my bloods would be checked in a few weeks before my next hospital appointment with the dietician in December. And we also talked about the vitamin B12 injection that I have to get soon.

I asked about my low levels of energy, and also about feeling cold, and she said that both of these were perfectly normal side effects of losing weight, and would rectify themselves over time.

Generally she seemed delighted by my progress, and that I could start to progress onto a more normal diet. I don’t need to restrict myself to soft foods any more, and can start to introduce new things into my diet and see how I can tollerate them.

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