How quickly should I be losing weight?

It’s now two weeks since by gastric bypass surgery, and I did a weigh-in to see how much I’ve lost in the last fortnight.

My progress so far is that I’ve lost 6 kg, which is nearly a stone.

I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. I had rather assumed that the weight might fall off me a bit quicker than that, because I’m on such a restrictive post-surgery diet. I’m currently only managing to consume about 500-600 calories a day, which isn’t much, so I rather expected a bigger loss.

However I have to remember that I was already on an 800 calories a day diet before the surgery, so I guess my body was already in weigh-loss mode.

In a way it might be good if I lose weight a bit more gradually, as it won’t be such a shock to my body.

I just wish there was some kind of benchmark to compare myself to, so that I knew if I was losing at the expected rate.

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