Bariatric postoperative prescription

The bariatric team sent me a prescription for all the medications I’ll need after surgery, so that I can have everything ready for when I come home.

I thought I’d share with you what’s on the prescription. But of course your medication needs may be very different:

Drug NameDoseFrequency
Clexane 40 mgTwice daily for 21 days
Lansoprazole30 mgOnce daily for 3 months
Ursofalk500 mgOnce daily
Solpadeine Max soluable2 tabsAs required over 2 weeks (one box)
Senna Liquid15 mlAs required over 2 weeks (one bottle)
Multivitamin1 tabTwice daily
Calcichew D3 Forte1 tabOnce daily
Ferrograd C1 tabOnce daily
Neo-Cytamen1000 mcgInject once every 3 months

I didn’t know what some of these medications were, so I looked them up:

  • Clexane is a drug to stop blood clots, and is provided in pre-filled syringes to self inject. I’ve used this before after surgery.
  • Lansoprazole helps reduce the amount of acid my stomach produces, and to guard against acid reflux. I’m already on Esomeprazole (Nexium) for acid reflux.
  • Ursofalk helps guard against cirrhosis of the liver and also helps dissolve gallstones.
  • Solpadeine Max is a brand name for a combination pain killer of paracetamol and codeine.
  • Senna Liquid helps with bowel movements.
  • Multivitamins are just a standard over-the-counter supplement.
  • Calcichew D3 Forte is a combination high-strength calcium and vitamin D3 supplement.
  • Ferrograd C is an iron supplement.
  • Neo-Cytamen is a vitamin B12 supplement.

I suppose the standard over-the-counter multivitamin combined with the additional iron and B12 supplements mean that I don’t need to take special bariatric multivitamins.

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