Slimming World Ready Meals

Back in 2016 Slimming World announced an exclusive deal with the Iceland supermarket to sell a range of Slimming World branded ready meals, soups and sauces.

The official instructions from Slimming World is that these meals are NOT required to follow the Food Optimising plan. It’s not like some companies that mandate that you buy their products in order to follow their diet. It’s perfectly possible to do Slimming World and never taste any of these Iceland products.

However, what they do say is that the foods are there if you need them.

We all lead busy lives, and sometimes it’s hard find the time to cook a healthy meal from scratch. Sometimes we only have a few minutes to grab something to eat after work before running out of the door again. And for those time, Slimming World says that these frozen ready-meals are available.

If they help avoid resorting to a takeaway or something else equally quick but unhealthy, then that’s a good thing!

And the best news about these Iceland Slimming World meals is that they are all syn-free!

The portions are also fairly generous, so you can feel like you’ve had a proper dinner (unlike with some other ready meals). And if you feel like trying to reproduce the meal at home, they print the recipe on the back of the packaging for you!

Iceland locations in Dublin

At the moment there are a few Iceland stores located around Dublin:

  • Ballyfermot, Dublin 10
  • Coolock, Dublin 17
  • Finglas, Dublin 11
  • Cabra, Dublin 7
  • Talbot Street, Dublin 1
  • Tallaght, Dublin 24

The stores aren’t always in a convenient locations, depending on where you live. I know I have to make a special journey across town to my nearest shop.

What about other supermarkets?

The deal to sell branded Slimming World meals is exclusive to Iceland, and other supermarkets are not allowed to sell products with the Slimming World name or with Syn-values listed.

That didn’t stop Aldi introducing their range of ‘SlimFree’ meals last year aimed at slimmers. Slimming World promptly threatened to sue them, and I believe the dispute is ongoing.

Aldi SlimFree Meatballs & Pasta ready meal

In the mean time the Aldi meals are a third cheaper than the Iceland ones, but we don’t have any official Syn values for them, as Slimming World refuses to list the Syn for these ‘SlimFree’ foods in their Syns Online database.

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