Can I really eat all those carbs?

People that have followed diet plans in the past are sometimes shocked that the Slimming World Extra Easy plan allows you to eat all the pasta, rice and potatoes that you want.

They’re used to having to deny themselves from eating carbohydrates in order to try and lose weight, and can’t believe that a big bowl of pasta or chips is allowed!

So can I eat as much as I want?

Well, the advice seems to be “Yes, you can… within reason”. You can eat as much dried pasta, rice (white or brown), and potatoes to satisfy your hunger as part of a meal (remembering to have 1/3 speed, of course) and you’ll still be able to lose weight under the Extra Easy plan. But if you eat these carbs to excess then your weight loss will be at risk!

So I guess the message is eat these carbs in moderation. Enjoy the pasta or potatoes on your plate – just make sure they’re not the only thing on your plate!

See my Slimming World Chips recipe for perfect syn-free chips!

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