Going it alone?

If you’re currently a Slimming World group member, and have been going for a while, you probably know the food optimising plan pretty well. And you may have considered the option of leaving the group, saving the money, and going it alone.

Similarly if you’re a lapsed or former member, and you’ve let things go for a while, you might wonder if it’s possible to start back on the Slimming World plan without re-joining a group.

Of course there’s always the online membership which still gives access to all the recipes and resources on the Slimming World website – and the monthly subscription is cheaper than going to a group.

But even without having access to the Slimming World website any more, there are loads of recipes and advice available on other sites on the internet and social media.

So can you go it alone?

The answer is going to be down to individual circumstances, and to what extent the group helped you keep a momentum with your weight loss.

If you are one of those people who most weeks weighs and leaves, and doesn’t stick around for the Image Therapy, then it might be arguable that you could just as easily weigh in at home on your own. But, of course, that requires a fair degree of self-discipline.

On the other hand if you know that your weight loss suffers when you don’t stay for Image Therapy, then it’s probably a sign that you need to keep going to a group.

The classes often provide motivation, helpful advice, and recipe ideas – and are clearly invaluable to some people. Personally, I know that if I stay for the image therapy then my weight loss the next week will be better.

What if I don’t stay for image therapy?

There’s a whole host of reasons why people don’t stay for image therapy: they’re too busy, tired or ill, have family commitments, have had a bad week, or just find the sessions torturous! And let’s face it, not every Slimming World consultant is inspirational and engaging.

And if find that you weigh and leave more often than not, and you feel you have the strength and determination to keep food optimising on your own, then maybe you can go it alone.

I’d like to hear about people’s personal experiences on this in the comments. Have you successfully followed the Slimming World plan without being a member? How did you do it? What advice would you give to others? 

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