The slimmer’s new clothes

Last updated on Wed, 14th Sep 2022

One of the effects of losing some weight is that I now have to buy new (smaller) clothes.

Some of the shirts that used to only just fit me (we are talking straining buttons here) are now too big on me. And trousers that used to fit snugly are now falling down.

I’ve lost inches from all over, which is wonderful. And the best thing is that I am now beginning to fit into clothes sold in normal clothes shops – albeit the largest sizes they stock – instead of having to buy clothes from specialist ‘big man’ retailers.

Indeed, I was delighted last week to be able to go into T K Maxx with the misses and actually find a couple of things that I both liked and that fitted me well. It was a revelation to me, as in the past I’ve just concentrated on finding things that go around me, rather than worrying about how they looked!

I’ve also been suit shopping this week for an upcoming wedding. My original plan had been to wear the suit I got married in 3 years ago, but when I tried it on I found it was too big. So I’ve bought a new one that’s 6 inches smaller in the jacket, and 4 inches smaller in the trousers.

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