Scan Bran and Laughing Cow Light

You can have 5 Scan Bran (Scandinavian Bran Crispbread) as your Health Extra  B, and 4 Laughing Cow Light cheese triangles as you Healthy Extra A.

Serve with a slice of lean ham on the top for a snack or lunch.

Scan Bran is something that seems to really divide my class – some love it and some hate it – with most people being in the hate category! It’s a very dry and hard crispbread, and it’s also very dense. But that’s why I like it. I find it very filling, and it takes quite an effort to eat, and by the time you’re finished you feel like you’ve had something substantial to eat – not just a quick snack.

They are available for sale in most Slimming World classes – I say most because some consultants don’t stock it if it doesn’t sell that well. And you can also get them in branches of Holland & Barrett.

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