Four Awards in One Night


It was kind-of embarrassing in class tonight, because I won a total of four different awards!

With a 4 pound loss this week, I got my 2½ stone award. And on top of that I also got my Club 10 award. And I got Slimmer of the Week and Slimmer of the Month! Talk about mortifying, as my consultant kept reading out my name, particularly as I’ve only had 2 weeks since I started Slimming World where I haven’t won an award for something!

I’ve lost 15½ pounds during the month of August. which I’m really pleased with. It works out at an average loss of just over 3 lbs a week. And with a loss that good, I was pretty-much guaranteed the Slimmer of the Month award.

Club 10

Since I started I’ve also managed to lose 10% of my body weight, which qualifies me for something called the ‘Club 10’ award. I started back at the end of June on 337 lbs, and have lost a total of 37 lbs in the last 9 weeks, which is actually a little over the 10%, but who’s counting eh?

If I manage to maintain or keep losing for a further 10 weeks after achieving my Club 10 then I’ll qualify for a free week at my Slimming World group.

Moving Forward

Needless to say, I’m delighted with my progress to date, and am determined to keep going and lose a lot more weight. It’s also nice to know that my wife and family are so proud of the accomplishment.

My main motivation for doing this is for my health. Quite apart from the strain that carrying around a lot of weight puts on my knees and back, being obese also drastically increases my odds of developing some serious life-changing diseases. And having just gone through 8 months of treatment for one of those diseases, I’m very keen to try and avoid it coming back.

Onwards and upwards. Here’s to the next 2½ stones!

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