Did you know that men get more syns?

The standard advice given to all new Slimming World members is that, on top of your free and speed foods, you get 5-15 syns a day to use on whatever you want.

It’s right there on page 3 of the book:

5-15 syns a day

But did you know that men are allowed more syns? It’s not in the book, but it was something told to me by my consultant. And if you’re a heavy bloke like me, you get even more syns!

Weigh up to 16 stones5-20 Syns a day
Weigh between 16 and 20 stones5-25 Syns a day
Weigh over 20 stones5-30 Syns a day

At the moment I’m in the “over 20 stones” category and the extra 15 Syns a day is enough to indulge in a couple of cans of beer or even a full-sized Dairy Milk McFlurry!

Of course, there’s nothing to say that guys have to use all those extra syns. I’m allowed 30 a day, but I prefer to stick to around 20 Syns a day. However it’s nice to know there’s a bit of wiggle room available.

Sorry ladies!


  1. Adam said:

    Yeah! Great innit 🙂 Amstel beer is very low in syns so cramming a few of those in as we speak!

    Thu, 1st Sep 2016
    • Richard said:

      Is that the Amstel Light Pale Ale? I see that has 95 calories per bottle, or 5 syns. I’ve been drinking Coors Light which is 100 calories per bottle, but it’s a little tasteless. Maybe I should try the Amstel instead!

      Fri, 2nd Sep 2016
  2. Clive Walker said:

    I haven’t been having all my syns and the weight has stuck.Should I start at 20 and try and have them every day even fish and chips is 20 so would that be ok

    Tue, 16th Apr 2019
    • Richard said:

      They say that you should have between 5 and 20 each day, so you don’t have to use them all. But if it helps you then they’re there for you to use. I’d say talk to your consultant for proper advice.

      Tue, 16th Apr 2019
  3. Carol Brady said:

    My son William is 6ft 4 in and weighs 19st 7lbs he is also severely autistic so I need to know how many suns I need to let him have daily, I also go to SlimmingWorld myself

    Regards xx

    Sat, 26th Dec 2020

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