Slimmer of the Week Fruit Basket

Last updated on Fri, 21st Oct 2022

Does your Slimming World group bring fruit in for the Slimmer of the Week winner?

Our consultant puts out the fruit basket every week, but I’ve never seen anyone from my group actually put anything in it! …and I should know, because I’ve won Slimmer of the Week 4 times now, and not taken anything out of the basket!

It doesn’t help that our group is fairly small – we have maybe about 30-40 members; about 20 of which stay for meetings. And I suppose it takes a critical mass of people to remember to bring in the fruit (or other low-syn goodies) each and every week to make it work.

But it’s not like I’m being critical about it. After all, I’ve never brought along anything for the basket myself!

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