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Last updated on Wed, 14th Sep 2022

It may seem silly getting excited about getting stickers on my book. After all, they probably cost a fraction of a cent to produce. But it’s not their monetary value. It’s what they represent.

In Slimming World, every time you lose a half stone you get given a sticker and a certificate to mark the occasion. Stickers and certificates are also given out if you win any other award such as Slimmer of the Week, Slimmer of the Month, Woman/Man of the Year, Miss Slinky, Biggest Loser, and so on.

Here’s a photo of my book:

Slimming World stickers on my book

As you can see, I’ve lost 2 stone so far, and have won Slimmer of the Week three times and Slimmer of the Month once. Very proud!

Each time I get one of these awards I get strangely excited about the prospect of being able to add the sticker to my book. They’re a bit like trophies that I get to show off to the rest of the group – not that most of them care either way. But they’re also a good reminder to me when I’m sat at home during the week to stay strong and not be tempted to raid the fridge.

Whenever I think about stuffing my face with chocolate, I remember that I’m aiming for my two and a half stone sticker, and I close the  kitchen cupboard door and go and find a carrot to munch instead!

It’s amazing that something so simple as a sticker can act as motivation for me to stick to the Food Optimising plan.

In fact, I’m so proud of them, I even display them on the progress page of this website!

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